Known for the chain of bicycles hanging from a venerable elm tree out front and a 9-foot green-lighted peace sign, Hungry Holler is a sparkling oasis in rural northeast Oklahoma. We are sheltered by a rock house, park in a rock garage, work in a rock studio all built by conscientious craft folk with native stone because that’s what they had back in the 40s.

Everyone looks forward to supper at Hungry Holler: the three-girl dog pack, the two parrots, the 2 official cats, and the creatures who wander the Holler by night looking for leftover cat food and what’s left in the single bird feeder.

Mirror mosaic prototypes created over the years hang from trees and arbors at the Holler. In my daily walking commute from house to studio I am bathed in mirror reflections, prism rainbows and sparkle, and am uplifted. I share this peacefulness to all through my work. Get yours to find peace in your garden or home. 

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I can’t explain the laws of physics but my industrial strength sun catchers reflect light, throw rainbows and glow in juicy colors just like Snell’s law predicts.