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Long dazzling sun chain of mini mirror mosaics, colored glass, glass beads and crystals

Long dazzling sun chain of mini mirror mosaics, colored glass, glass beads and crystals

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Atomic sparkle and juicy colors all in one gorgeous mirror mosaic sun catcher. Very stout and flashy, hang it where you'll see it day and night, inside or out. The prime sun catcher equation is: light + movement = maximum sparkle, so make sure it will catch a breeze or a finger push. The perfect gift for gardener, self or magpie. Juicy reds, fresh greens, mellow yellows flash in this sun trap.

Just the facts:

This contemporary atomic sparkle sun catcher is 45.5” long, from the ball-bearing swivel to the beveled mirror triangle. There'll never be another one like it.

An artisan-crafted stainless steel squiggly hook is included in the price and adds another 6" to the sun catcher for a total of 51.5”.

9 individual two-sided mirror and colored glass mosaics, glass beads, vintage colored glass and prisms are linked together with stainless steel snaps to create the chain. When light hits the prisms just so, rainbows are thrown randomly about, explained only by the laws of physics. You will so dig it.

This is an industrial strength sun catcher: no fishing line, monofilament, nor kite line. All connections are stainless steel. Hang it where it won't knock against anything in a stiff wind or accidental bump, and sparkle, reflections and rainbows will accessorize your home and garden for freakin' ever. Or nearly.

Night light: car, lamp, moonlight make the mirror mosaics flash like paparazzi. Be sure to think of night sparkle when hanging.

Sun chains travel in flocks. See six of them in the last image. 

Included in the price:

Stainless steel hand-made 6" squiggly hook and domestic USPS mailing.

Is this a gift? What a friend you are! Let me know at check out and I'll include a free hand-painted post-consumer Kraft gift bag with stout handles, so you're good for gifting.
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