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Pride Rainbow Dazzling Window Sun Catcher

Pride Rainbow Dazzling Window Sun Catcher

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Here's a little dazzler for window, garden or nook, flashy, sparkly and stout as the dickens. A sweet piece of steel is sandwiched between prideful rainbow-colored mirror bits, asymmetrical but true. Colors-of-the-rainbow tumbled glass fingers break free of the mosaicked body and glow stunningly in sunlight.

Light + movement = maximum sparkle, so hang this baby where breeze or finger push will move it. Remember night light: lamp, car headlights, strong moonlight will make it flash like paparazzi.

Just the Facts:

The sun catcher is 6" long and about 2-1/2" wide at the rainbow fingers.

The included stainless steel squiggly hook is 6" long, making total length about 12" long

My sun catchers are groutless! Madness! Each luscious mirror bit fits cheek by jowl for a contemporary take on the pride rainbow

The piece turns effortlessly on a ball bearing swivel

Stout with a presence, it will live comfortably inside or outside

Domestic mailing is included in the price. If this is a gift (what a friend you are!), let me know at checkout and we'll include at no extra charge, a hand-painted, be-sparkled post-consumer kraft bag with stout handles, and some tissue. You'll be good for gifting.

PS Photobombing little bug not included! She finally reluctantly flew away.
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