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Beautiful Large Mirror Mosaic Star, Gold on One Side, Blue on the Other

Beautiful Large Mirror Mosaic Star, Gold on One Side, Blue on the Other

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A gold star AND a blue star in one bold five-point star. Both sides are covered in mirror bits hand-cut to fit snug against one another creating dazzling geometric patchwork. The heart of this star is steel so it's stout and can hang outside or in. A constellation of faceted glass cabochons glow warmly when sun struck just so. And because a star can't be too dazzling, beveled mirror river flows through the blue side. A half-round convex mirror and an exquisitely beveled square grace the gold side.

Just the Facts:

This is no wimpy sun catcher. A steel star is the foundation of the piece. Hang it inside or outside. Make sure it won't knock against anything including noggins. Remember this sun catcher math: light + movement = maximum sparkle so hang it where it will catch a breeze or finger push. Think of night light too. Ambient lamp light, headlights, moon light will make it flash like paparazzi.

Mirror mosaic pieces fit tight and strong to create an extraordinarily beautiful asymmetrical patchwork pattern. There is no grout. Each mirror bit is hand cut to fit cheek by jowl against another.

Star is 14" across.

Check out that fabulous 9" stainless steel squiggly hook, the best hook in the universe. It's handwrought by a steel artisan who uses a machine her grandfather invented. Together the hook and star measure about 24" long.

Star turns like butter on a 260-pound ball bearing swivel.

If this star is a gift, let me know at checkout and I'll include a hand-painted post-consumer Kraft bag with stout handles, no extra charge of course!

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