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Dazzling Mirror Mosaic 16" Across Peace Sign Sun Catcher

Dazzling Mirror Mosaic 16" Across Peace Sign Sun Catcher

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Bazillions of mirror pieces make this peace sign a beacon day or night. It's a dazzling, uplifting tribute to humankind's most elevated state. A breeze or push sends it spinning. As both sides catch light, sparkle and flash are sent in all directions. Mirror reflections paint walls and floors and dogs and people and cats, everything! Beveled mirrors flash rainbow reflections every day. It's an astoundingly beautiful salute to peace.

Just the Facts:

The peace sign has a steel center. Hundreds and hundreds of silver and richly-colored mirror pieces and bits, and scattered beveled mirrors, convex mirrors cover both sides of the steel base. The peace sign is groutless! Each piece is hand cut to fit cheek by jowl to the next piece creating stunning patchwork geometry.

The peace sign is seriously stout, its beauty enduring. Hang it inside or outside. Keep night lights in mind. Lamp light, moon light, car lights all make it flash like paparazzi at night.

The peace sign is 16" across.

It hangs from a 9” stainless steel squiggly hook crafted by a metal artist on a device invented by her grandfather. So cool!

The peace sign spins effortlessly on a ball-bearing swivel.

The peace sign is 27” long including the hook.

Glorious! Every day and every night it reminds: There's nothing more beautiful than peace.

If the peace sign is a gift, let us know and we’ll include a hand-painted Kraft gift bag with handles. You’ll be all set.
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