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Beautiful Sparkling Heart Sun Catcher.

Beautiful Sparkling Heart Sun Catcher.

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The heart of this heart sun catcher is steel. Each side covered in a patchwork of handcut mirror bits, vintage colored glass, rainbow-throwing prism mirrors and beautiful glass cabochons. One side is juicy red, the other true blue.

As a breeze catches it, the heart turns on a stainless steel ball bearing swivel. It flashes red and lusty, and soulful blue. Love in a nutshell.

Just the Facts

The heart is 9” across and 9” long, ending in a saucy curlicue tip.

The heart is steel covered in a bazillion hand cut glass bits that fit cheek by jowl without grout, resulting in a glorious geometry of flash and sparkle.

It turns on a smooth ball bearing swivel and hangs from a squiggly 9” stainless steel hook. The included hook is crafted by a woman artisan on a device her grandfather invented. I’ve not seen hooks like them anywhere and my work hangs from nothing else.

You can hang it inside or outside. Be sure it won’t knock against post nor wall in a stout wind. Also keep night light in mind when hanging. Moonlight, lamplight, headlights will make it flash like paparazzi.

This is the mortal lock formula: light + movement = maximum sparkle.

Domestic priority mail is included in the price. Heart-shaped box: A hand-painted candy box is included so you’ll be good to stylishly gift.

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