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Skeleton Sun Catcher, Sparkly Skeleton, Mirror Mosaic Skeleton, Day of Dead Skeleton, Big Sparkly Skeleton, Astounding Skeleton, Bone Art

Skeleton Sun Catcher, Sparkly Skeleton, Mirror Mosaic Skeleton, Day of Dead Skeleton, Big Sparkly Skeleton, Astounding Skeleton, Bone Art

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A sparkly skeleton to die for. Countless hand-cut mirror bits cover both sides of a steel skeleton. Negative space ribs, leg and arm bones are inlaid with vintage and contemporary colored glass that glow deliciously when light struck. A top rib space is filled with a vintage prism that throws rainbows thanks to the beautiful laws of physics. The faceted diachronic eye cabochons are exquisite, glow blue and yellow and are fantastic sparklers.

Throughout the silver mirror skeleton snakes a green vine bearing red and orange fruit and flowers. The body of the skeleton is outlined in purple and dark blue glass, there are bits of rainbow-making beveled mirror bits in select spaces.

I’m picky about glass. I've used the same mosaic mirror tile supplier for years. Many pieces and bits of the colored glass are vintage snagged for me by a friend who found a motherlode of vintage glass in a basement in the Hudson Valley. She came across an ad that offered the glass for free if you came and picked it up. My friend drove almost an hour one way, got lost and had to pee before she found the place. The man’s late mother was a stained glass artist and this was her stash. Some of it was goofy like broken plastic stuff, taillights, bottles, and most of it was fabulous glass. I tumbled it myself because I’m mad for diffused light through colored glass. When I opened the tumbler, my eye caught a particularly beautiful long yellow piece. I plucked it immediately from the tumbler barrel and held it to the light and read, ORAL B! It was an old toothbrush handle. I've been saving it for something special and that something special is one leg bone of this skeleton! They'll never be another like it for sure. 

Just the Facts

From the top of the skull to the tip of the big toe the skeleton measures 30.5 inches
From elbow to elbow across the skeleton measures 11.5 inches
You can hang the skeleton inside or outside. Just be sure to hang it where it won't knock into a wall or pillar in a strong wind.
The skeleton turns like butter on a stainless steel ball-bearing swivel
The Skeleton hangs from a stainless steel squiggly hook made by a craftswoman on a device invented by her grandfather. I've not seen hooks like them. I've been using these hooks exclusively on all my work forever.
Hook and domestic USPS mailing included in price

The skeleton flashes like paparazzi in the dark when lighted by lamps, headlights, ambient light, strong moonlight, so keep night light in mind when hanging. Remember this formula:
Light + Movement = Maximum Sparkle.

To clean, spray with Windex or some such, brush with an old toothbrush (An Oral B perhaps?) rinse with cool water. If it's outside, just leave it hanging and spray with the garden hose.

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